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Local Stage Preview: Crooked Coast

Local Stage Preview: Crooked Coast

 Crooked Coast is up next on our Boston Calling local stage preview with an exclusive acoustic take on their newly released single “Burn the Bridge”. This Cape Cod based band is made up of Luke Vose on vocals and guitar, John McNamara on vocals and guitar, Ben Elder on bass, and Shaqed Druyan on drums. Check out this exclusive video from Crooked Coast below and keep scrolling for an interview with Luke. 


How did the band come together? 

Ben and John have been playing together since middle school in different bands. I started with them in 2012 and we just hit the ground running, touring and releasing music right out of the gate. Shaq joined in 2019 and brought some great energy to the band. We've grown a lot in the last couple of years. With a new record coming out this year it feels like the next chapter.  

How would you describe your sound? 

Our sound is alt rock with some hip hop and reggae influences, but we never want to box ourselves in. We just chase the feeling of any song we are writing and try not to overthink it. It's a pretty accessible sound and our fans are really varied. 


What artists would you say are your influences? 

The Strokes, Blink 182, Kid Cudi, The Beatles, Biggie, too many to count. 

What’s your favorite local spot/venue to perform in? 

Paradise is always a great venue to play locally. 

What does it mean for you to be one of the artists selected to represent the region at Boston Calling? 

It means the world to us. Just seeing your name on that poster is surreal. 


What acts are you most looking forward to seeing at Boston Calling? 

The lineup is insane but if I had to pick a couple, I'd say Glass Animals and Metalica. 

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