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Local Stage Preview: Dutch Tulips

Local Stage Preview: Dutch Tulips

Second up on our Boston Calling Local Stage preview is Dutch Tulips. This Boston-based indie-pop band consists of Jack Holland on guitar and lead vocals, Michael Holland on bass and vocals, Justin Mantell on guitar, synth, and vocals, and Matt Freake on drums and vocals. Taking the Tivoli Audio Orange stage on Saturday, check out this preview of Dutch Tulips recording “Pez Mansion” at Ghost Hit Recording and keep scrolling to learn a little bit more about Dutch Tulips.

How did the band come together?

Matt: Jack and Mike are brothers, so that relationship started many years ago. More recently, Jack, Mike, and I first met playing in a previous band together called Bellwire. When the singer moved out west, we started playing some of Jack’s songs. Somewhat randomly at Justin’s wedding (who is an old childhood friend of my wife Heather), he and I got to talking about playing music together and the rest is history. Once the core group was in place, everything really clicked.

How would you describe your sound?

Matt: I would describe it as fun, weird, indie rock.

Justin: Harmonically rich and fuzzy chord progressions paired with an energetic and driving rhythm section focused on creating an approachable mix of classic and post-punk rock, new wave and indie that feed both your heart and head.

Jack: We turn life’s mysteries into tasty sonic treats.

What artists would you say are your influences?

Matt: Radiohead, The Raconteurs, Beach Boys

Justin: Pink Floyd, The Pixies, and literally every Sega Genesis game ever released

Mike: I learned bass by copying John Paul Jones [Led Zeppelin] and Mike Dirnt [Green Day]. Actually, the only bigger influence on my playing and musical thinking is probably my big bro [Jack] whose playing and singing I have heard in its raw form for essentially my entire life, and I do think that bond gives the band’s sound a certain coherence.

Jack: Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Beach Boys

What is your favorite local spot/venue to perform in?

We really love playing at The Jungle, the staff and vibe are awesome. ONCE is also really awesome even though they technically don’t have an official home right now.

What does it mean for you to be one of the artists selected to represent the region at Boston Calling?

We feel really honored to be able to represent our local scene at Boston Calling. The amount of talent in this area is immense and it’s really amazing that so much of that talent is being featured at Boston Calling this year.

What acts are you most looking forward to seeing at Boston Calling?

So many... Metallica, The Strokes, Orville Peck, Weezer, Run the Jewels, King Gizzard, Modest Mouse, and of course, all the fellow local artists.


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