Tivoli Audio Refurbished Products Promise

Each refurbished Tivoli Audio product is tested and inspected to ensure they meet the same quality as new Tivoli Audio products. Any product offered on the outlet shop performs like new, and is offered at a discounted price.


What you get

You will receive a Tivoli Audio product that has been thoughtfully inspected, tested, and repackaged with all original accessories. The product might have small blemishes or marks but nothing that affects the overall performance of the unit. They are repackaged in their original box, which might contain scuffs or small dings, but the product inside is quality insured.

Our guarantee

Each Tivoli Audio refurbished product is backed by our original manufacturer’s warranty and offers the same return policy as a brand-new product. To learn more about the warranty in your country please refer to the Warranty & Returns section of the website.


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