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PAL+ BT (Gen. 2)


Battery depleting too fast:

A quickly depleting battery indicates the battery is worn out and needs to be replaced. Your listening volume can also affect the battery life. The louder you listen, the quicker the battery will deplete.

Please note: The battery will only charge in standby mode.

DAB stations I was listening to are now unavailable.

If the PAL+ BT is relocated to a different area, some stations may no longer be available. It is recommended that you run a full scan whenever you relocate the radio, even into different areas of your home. To run a full scan, enter DAB mode and press the menu button on the remote control to enter the main menu. Select Full Scan. To cancel the scan, press the back button on the remote.

I am attempting to turn up the volume on my device and it is maxed. How can I make the audio louder as it seems low?

The audio’s volume through Bluetooth is controlled by the device output as well as the speaker’s volume output. We recommend placing your Bluetooth device at 80% output and adjusting the volume knob on the radio to reach your preferred overall volume.

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