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Model One Digital (Gen. 1)


I am having trouble using the ART app.

Please refer to the how-to videos here.

Bluetooth Setup:

  1. Turn Radio on by pressing in the small center knob.
  2. Switch source to Bluetooth by quickly pressing in the small center knob until the screen reads “Bluetooth”
  3. Press and hold in the top of the large bezel that encircles the screen for 3-5 seconds. The screen should show “Pairing Enabled”
  4. On your smart device, open your Bluetooth list
  5. You should see Tivoli
  6. Select this to connect. Both your smart device and screen of Model One Digital should confirm connection with Bluetooth

    1. Manually Adjust Screen Brightness:

      To adjust the brightness, turn the unit ON by pressing the small center knob, then press and hold the small center knob and the top of the large circular bezel until Contrast appears on the screen. Rotate the large bezel until you are satisfied with the brightness. The contrast menu will time out after 5-7 seconds of no action and return to main screen.

      Issues with Firmware Update:

      While performing a firmware update via the Tivoli Audio ART app, if the update fails and a white box appears on your screen, please disconnect the unit from the power source and then reconnect it. Then, quit the Tivoli Audio ART app and reopen it. When you see the Model One Digital reappear in the device list of the app, retry the update. If it fails again, this may indicate an issue with the Wi-Fi signal strength. Please do not press any buttons on the back of the unit or try to reset the product as this can create further issues.

      If you still have issues with an update, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

      The Clock Display Will Not Keep Time Accurately:

      The time can be set automatically via connection to Wi-Fi (which is the established time from the smart device used to connect the unit to Wi-Fi), or can be set by a radio station (also known as RDS). Please note that radio stations sometimes push incorrect time over RDS.

      If your time seems to speed up or slow down while in standby for long periods of time, just turn on the unit and it will re-sync the time either by Wi-Fi (if connected), or by a radio station with accurate RDS information. We suggest to always use Wi-Fi for the best experience when setting your clock.

      If you prefer to set your time manually, while the radio is turned off, press and hold the small center knob and the top of the large circular bezel until the date and time start blinking. Rotate the large bezel until you see the correct month/day. Press the right side of the bezel to move onto the next adjustment. Continue these steps until the date and time are correct.

      I am attempting to turn up the volume on my device and it is maxed. How can I make the audio louder as it seems low?

      The audio’s volume through Bluetooth is controlled by the device output as well as the speaker’s volume output. We recommend placing your Bluetooth device at 80% output and adjusting the volume knob on the radio to reach your preferred overall volume.

      I’m trying to connect my ART product to a public network and experiencing issues.

      The strength of the Wi-Fi signal and streaming capabilities of the public network may vary depending on the number of other devices using the network. Please note any public Wi-Fi network that is not password protected or has extra security measures (e.g. Proxies), may cause connecting issues. Our products are designed to work best in home or office-based Wi-Fi environments.

      My Model One Digital is on and connected but no sound is coming from the system.

      Try increasing the volume on your Model One Digital. You can also check the volume on the Tivoli Audio ART app. Next, check the output volume on your smart device. Make sure it is playing and try increasing the volume.

      If you are still experiencing this issue, try pausing and then playing your audio source. This will refresh the stream of music or may indicate a problem with your Wi-Fi network.

      If you are connecting with a music service which requires the speakers be selected in the native app, such as Spotify, please confirm the correct speaker is selected.

      I have set up the Model One Digital, but I can’t find it listed in the Tivoli Audio ART app.

      Make sure the unit is in Wi-Fi mode. If not, toggle through the sources by quickly pressing the power button until the screen reads “Wi-Fi”. If still unable to see the unit in the app, power off the unit by holding down the power button, then press the power button again to turn the unit back on. Restart the app, and make sure the unit is in Wi-Fi mode, look for the speaker in the “Devices” window.

      The music sounds unbalanced through my speakers.

      To check balance, open the Tivoli Audio ART app, select Zone, and then select Speakers. Select the speaker(s) you are using. If you are using only one speaker, verify that the speaker is set to Stereo. If you are using two speakers, confirm the volume levels are the same and that they are both set to Stereo or Left/Right if you are listening to them as a stereo pair. If you are using more than two speakers, make sure all Left and Right speakers are set up in pairs (for example, do not have 2 Lefts and 1 Right).

      I’m playing music through Spotify but the audio is coming through my smart device.

      Open the Spotify app. While playing a song, at the bottom of the app, tap “Available Devices”. Select the name of the master speaker of your Zone and the audio output will switch to the Tivoli Audio system. Please refer to the Spotify Connect guide that accompanies your speaker for more information, as well as your Quick Setup Guide and Online Manual.

      My Model One Digital is unresponsive.

      If your unit has become unresponsive while you are preforming a firmware update, please refer to the “Issues with Firmware Update” troubleshooting item.

      If you are not performing a firmware update, please check that the unit is still in Wi-Fi mode. Check the volume level in the ART app and try pausing and playing the source. If in Bluetooth or Aux mode, change the source of the unit back to Wi-Fi.

      If the above steps do not solve your issue, disconnect your unit from the power source and leave powered off for 1 minute. Then, plug the unit back in and power it on. Make sure that the unit is in Wi-Fi mode. The unit should rejoin the network and remember its Zone settings. If it does not, attempt to place the speaker in a Zone if appearing in available devices. If it is not listed connect the unit to your Wi-Fi network again through the Tivoli Audio ART app.

      If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend performing a factory reset. To do so, press the Setup and Party Mode buttons at the same time for 3 seconds or until the screen reads “factory resetting…”. Then, press the power button. The unit has now been reset to factory default settings and will need to be reconnected to the Wi-Fi network through the Tivoli Audio ART app.

      If the issue is still not resolved, please contact our Customer Support team.

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