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I am having trouble with the ART app.

Please refer to the how-to videos here.

I am attempting to connect a traditional speaker system to the ConX to add Wi-Fi capabilities:

Connect your device to the 3.5mm stereo Line Out of the ConX using the proper cable for the other speaker’s input option. (Purchased separately.)

I am attempting to connect an external source such as a turntable to stream its audio to my ART speakers:

Connect your device to the 3.5mm stereo Line in of the ConX using the proper cable for the source’s output option. (Purchased separately.)

I have connected the ConX to an external audio source, but no audio is coming out of my ART speakers.

Make sure that you have created a Zone with the ConX as the master and the source for the audio of that Zone is set to the ConX. For further information on creating a Zone, please see the ART troubleshooting and FAQ section. If your zone is set up correctly, please make sure to check the volume of the group and the individual speakers.

I have connected the ConX to my television but am experiencing an audio delay.

Due to the audio processing time over Wi-Fi there will be a delay in the audio from the picture. The ConX can only be used with televisions that offer audio delay settings which can be adjusted to sync the video and audio.

I’m trying to connect my ART product to a public network but experiencing issues.

The strength of the Wi-Fi signal and streaming capabilities of the public network may vary depending on the number of other devices using the network. Please note any public Wi-Fi network that is not password protected or has extra security measures (e.g. Proxies), may cause connecting issues. Our products are designed to work best in home or office-based Wi-Fi environments.

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