One Mission and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

One Mission and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

At Tivoli Audio, we believe in being the change we want to see in the world. We look for this change at every level of our company, including in the partnerships we seek. That's why Tivoli Audio's CEO, Paul DePasquale, launched Tivoli Together: a platform for the company to bring awareness to Tivoli customers about different charitable organizations that are important to us.

This month, as we enter Child Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to spotlight one of these partners: One Mission.

Who they are:
One Mission is a pediatric cancer charity established in 2009 that supports children through their cancer treatments. Their programs make living in the hospital less lonely and more joyful, and give kids and their loved ones much needed support as they navigate the emotional and financial challenges of treatment. To date, One Mission has raised more than $13.5 Million dollars and touched the lives of over 32,000 kids fighting cancer and their families. 

Why Tivoli Audio partners with them:
Tivoli Audio's partnership with One Mission was inspired by CEO Paul DePasquale's own experience with cancer. 

"I went through cancer treatment in my 20’s, and the amount of emotional, financial, and physical hardship was not so easy to manage," said Paul. "Throughout it all, I kept telling myself that although I was facing difficulties, I could not imagine going through treatment as a child. One Mission is making it easier for kids and their families, and so Tivoli Audio and I will do all we can to help One Mission with their amazing, life-changing work."

How the Tivoli Audio community can get involved:

We've partnered with give and grow, created by Pledge, to allow you to donate directly to One Mission (and our other Tivoli Together partners) when you purchase from Tivoli Audio. All you have to do is select your non-profit of choice at checkout, and add a $1 donation.

If you're interested in the work that One Mission does, visit their site at There are plenty of ways to get involved  including participating in fundraising marathons, volunteering, and becoming a corporate sponsor. 

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