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Mixing Light & Sound - PAL BT Glow

Mixing Light & Sound - PAL BT Glow

In June 2016, we launched a limited-edition product perfect for enjoying the long days and warm nights of summer.


PAL BT Glo on white background

The PAL BT Glo is exactly like the original PAL BT, but with a frosted translucent casing, allowing you to see the internal elements and the glow of the added LED lights. The brightness is adjustable by a simple twist of a knob on the back of the unit.


PAL BT Glo lit up in front of a bonfire.


Further inspired by the warmth and functionality of a glowing lantern, a leather carrying handle was added to the unit so the Glo can easily be carried on any adventure.


PAL BT Glo on a picnic blanket


Mixing light and sound, the limited run of only 5000 fun and functional pieces quickly sold out.

You can still get your hands on the classic PAL BT which has been recently updated and released in seven new colors.


PAL BT in Black

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