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Touring an Incredibly Cool and Colorful Copenhagen Apartment

Touring an Incredibly Cool and Colorful Copenhagen Apartment

Spring has arrived in Europe, visible by the array of multicolored flowers blooming throughout its cities. There’s something about spring, perhaps it's the abundance of color, that invokes the feeling of happiness.


This sentiment rings true if you’ve ever come across @londogmussehust's (Malene) Instagram account, featuring her cheery and colorful Copenhagen apartment. We discovered her home during the fall of 2020 and had to stop to admire her stunning pastel walls and colorful accent pieces. All of which are offset by sleek minimalist furnishings and neutral floors.



We had the pleasure of speaking to Malene about her beautifully curated home, what inspires her, and what interior design tips she had to offer.


Name:  Malene  

Location:  Vesterbro in Copenhagen.  


Tell us about your home and its history.


Our home is a 200 sqm apartment that was built in the 1920’s, and used to house all the priests in Vesterbro. Needless to say, there have been a lot of meetings that have taken place here and our little Hugo’s room used to be the maid’s quarters.



How long have you lived there?


We moved in 2.5 years ago. However, we had to do a lot of renovations to do such as: install new flooring, new walls, redo the electricity, renovate the bathroom and the kitchen. Luckily, we’re down to our last two rooms to remodel and then we can finally relax. I am really looking forward enjoying the apartment without having to paint, tear down or build anything else.



Describe your interior decor inspiration?


Colors and funny details such as polka dots inspire me. I can’t pass by something with polka dots without buying them, from clothes, to bedlinen, to vases etc. I also love colors, though, light pink is my favorite. I’ve luckily convinced Jeppe to paint both the bathroom and the hallway in this perfect color.  



When designing your home what elements were most important for you to incorporate?


The apartment is old, and it was important for me to keep the old soul of the apartment. I like vintage finds and good bargains from flea markets. I think it gives the apartment a unique touch, instead of buying everything new and modern.   



Is your identity reflected in your home? 


Yes, I think so. I am happy and easy going, which I think reflects my interior style quite well.  



What is the favorite room and why? 


It’s really hard to choose, however, I think the living room has to be my favorite. Jeppe built this huge bookshelf, which I really love. He did such a good job. When I look at it, it reminds me that I am really lucky to have this man in my life, creating all the crazy things I ask him to build.




What was the hardest part when styling your home?


I actually think the bathroom was the hardest room to style because we had to build it from scratch. We invested a lot into its renovation, so we wanted to make good and safe decisions. On the other hand, it could not be too boring either. In the end, I love the result, but am still trying to convince Jeppe that the walls should be light pink for a cuter look.   



What’s your Tivoli Audio product of choice? 


I chose the cute CUBE wireless speaker in Walnut. I loved its very simple design and I like that I can put it in our bookshelf, as it can run on batteries. I like electronics that do not look like electronics.  






Any tips for someone currently styling their home? 


Find your own style. In the beginning, I got influenced by so many things just because they were popular at that time, and it never ended up as a success. Now I try to follow my gut feeling and try to ask myself, "Is this us, or is it just because everyone else has it?"   



What could we find playing on your Tivoli Audio CUBE if we were to come and visit?


I loooove Danish music from the 80’s – it’s really my thing. But my boyfriend really doesn’t share my taste in music – so we try to find something that we both love and often end on Leon Bridges, Khalid, or Father John Misty. But when the kids decide, it is Frozen - all day, everyday.   



If you want to see more of Malene's creative deco style, head over to her instagram page @londogmussehuset and follow her interior design journey. 

All photo credit goes to @londogmussehuset

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