The Magazine That's Changing the Male-Dominated Mobility Industry

The Magazine That's Changing the Male-Dominated Mobility Industry

Editor-in-Chief Britta Reineke changed the male-dominated mobility magazine industry after launching her online magazine ellectric in 2019.

"The main focus of ellectric is to revolutionize the mobility industry through a modern visual language and by creating greater visibility for women in the industry."

We talked with Britta to get more insight on her progressive magazine, design, style, and love for the Tivoli Audio Revive. 



For someone who isn’t familiar with ellectric magazine, can you give us a little background of the concept? 

Ellectric is the new mobility magazine — modern and sophisticated. We address all areas of mobility and provide inspiring content on the topics of innovation and lifestyle. We define mobility in the context of design, culture, art, music, fashion, and sport. ellectric creates a greater visibility for women and tells stories of strong female personalities in a still male-dominated industry.

The name ellectric is a wordplay of elle and electric. Meaning that we have a focus on women and that our content is electric — that it's emotionally charged and inspiring. This however does not mean that we only focus on electric mobility or women. We also want to cater to men who understand that women play an important role in mobility. We also cover any available mobility from riding your bike to flying to the moon.



What inspired you to start this magazine?

When I was working in the automotive industry, I personally experienced how male-dominated this industry is. Also, there was no magazine or platform on the subject automotive/mobility that was a source of inspiration for me. If you look at the market, all magazines, whether it's print or online, mainly address a male target group with their content, design, style, and visual language. Most of them still embody the typical cliché. None of these magazines target directly at women or set a focus on them.

However, studies say that 80% of the buying decisions for a car are influenced by women. So, mobility is not only a topic that interests men. But why are women simply being ignored and not addressed fairly by any medium?



The layout and design of your magazine has a very minimalistic, sleek look, would you say that’s the aesthetic you gravitate to?

I have always had a strong sense for design, aesthetic and minimalism. This applies to many areas of my life — when it comes to fashion, interior, photography, art, and so on. That’s the reason why ellectric follows a minimal and modern aesthetic.



You have the Tivoli Audio Revive in your home. Which features check your boxes when it comes to technology and design? 

The technology must be easy to use and simply to connect to other devices such as my iPhone. A minimalist design is also of high importance to me. And that’s all perfectly solved with the Revive. As it has found a place on my bedside table, in the mornings I can start the new day with my favorite music. And I always have a fully charged iPhone since it's equipped with a wireless phone charger. And since it has an integrated LED lamp, I don't need any other lamp on my bedside table.





What has been your favorite article thus far, and what can we expect to see in the future from your magazine?

There are a lot of inspiring articles that I have already featured on ellectric. Especially my interview series ‘5+1’ where I talk to strong female personalities in the mobility industry. It’s really interesting to get to know more about these women, their careers, ambitions, and learnings. Especially my interview with the youngest astronaut in training and future Mars walker Alyssa Carson. I have a lot of future plans with ellectric — one is to have a print issue someday. Either as a quarterly issue or coffee table book.


What are the top 3 songs you currently have on repeat on your Revive?

That’s really hard to answer as I listen to a lot of music. Music is a great source of inspiration for me. At the moment I would say my three current favorites when working on ellectric are:

–  "Pieces" from Howling

–  "Too Late" from Washed Out

–  "Sign" from Roosevelt

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