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Introducing the ART Generation 2, Model One Digital, and Music System Home

Introducing the ART Generation 2, Model One Digital, and Music System Home

Tivoli Audio’s iconic design is timeless; however, the technology is ever-changing and with the growing market of smart home entertainment, we felt it was time to give the ART Collection an upgrade.


With this in mind, we’ve created the ART Generation 2, Model One Digital radio and the Music System Home all-in-one smart system. Blending the latest technology, premium materials, and minimalistic style with the high-performance audio that has become synonymous with Tivoli Audio. Our aim is to keep your smart home as technologically advanced, as it is stylish.



When designing our next generation products, we took into consideration that smart homes in the global market are diverse, and that wi-fi access as well as audio streaming service preferences vary from country to country. User experience, quality, and ease of use were also important considerations.



Our answer was to provide our ART Generation 2, Model One Digital and Music System Home Smart System with AirPlay2 and Google Chromecast built-in. With this technology, our products support a wide range of listening experiences and an expansive line up of features, all while being simple to use. These models also support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz wi-fi bands.



Following the release of the two new products, in the near future we will also be launching ART Generation 2 versions of our CUBE and ORB speakers, which will be equipped with AirPlay2, and will be compatible with Amazon Alexa. Tivoli Audio will continue to elevate our designs and technology to fit your changing needs.

Music System Home Model One Digital


To learn more about the ART Generation 2 collection click here.

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